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# Updated 7/6/2014 #

U12/14 Boys & Girls Tryout information Fall 2014                      

Thank you to all the families and players that participated in our 2014 tryouts, below please find the selections for the travel teams.  All players that did not place on a tryout team will be placed on teams prior to the Fall 2014 season.

* To be eligible to tryout each player must be registered and paid for the Fall 2014 season, please click the registration tab above to complete the registration process.  You also need to submit the tryout pre-registration form below to attend tryouts.  Please note that every player will be placed on a team there are no cuts.  All remaining players not listed below will be placed on teams in the U14 age group for the Fall season. 

Girls U12 Head Coach:Bob Brown/Dave Wickson   Boys U12 Head Coach: Rich Tocci                        
Roster:                                                                                Roster:
Hannah Macmillan                                                            
Trinity Kelleher                                                                 Anthony Byrne
Braley Quigg                                                                     Josh Gouveia
Ella Rose                                                                           Chris Tocci
Bailey Brown                                                                    Cameron Sullivan
Madelyn Miller                                                                 Jason Carman
Jessica Varao                                                                    Caleb White
Mia Galvam                                                                      Christian Hohulin
Kassidy Crosby                                                                 James Rojewski
Lauren Bridgewater                                                          Justin Tarnowski
Lily Christian                                                                    Luke Arnold
Anna Pullen                                                                      Matthew Motta
Ella Estes                                                                          Zachary Cormier
Emily Pike                                                                        Andrew Jones
Emily Skiver                                                                     Noah St Germaine
Nicole Haugh

Girls U14 Head Coach: Ron Tiemann                            Boys U14 Head Coach: Phil Krueger
NSCAA Level 5, National Diploma, MYSA G,F                   USSF National D License, MYSA G,F,E
Current Barnstable HS boys JV coach                                        Current Rising Tide HS girls Varsity coach
Roster:                                                                               Roster:
Geogia Drake                                                                    Nathan Slover
Kailey Mallowes                                                               Alex Baier
Olivia Stutzenberger                                                         Jonathan Dwyer
Abigail Sinewick                                                              Jake Dwyer
Sarah Levigne                                                                   Colin Brown
Ahna Mento                                                                      John Lam
Kathryn Lennon                                                                Marc Defilice
Allison Varao                                                                    Alex Pullen    
Katie Robinson                                                                  Ben Gouveia
Abigail White                                                                    Nick Keding
Rachael Peterson                                                               Cole Gustin
Rebecca Sylvestre                                                             Carter Nevulis
Emma Ruginski                                                                 Brian Carman
Marie St Germaine                                                            Josh Krueger
Sara Bongarzone                                                                Nicholas Gregg
Meaghan Montolio                                                            Aidan Manion
Abigail Petty                                                                      Max Crockford
Ruby Norris                                                                       Caleb Kerr
Rose Manson                                                                     Jasper Stranzel
                                                                                           James Walker
                                                                                           Adam Kingston

Plymouth Youth Soccer U12/14 BOYS & GIRLS Tryouts

Tryouts will be conducted on Tuesday 6/17 and Wednesday 6/18 from 5-7:15pm by Challenger Sports staff members on behalf of PYSA. The Challenger staff working with PYSA coaches will select the best candidates based on tryout results and personal observations. Within 5 days of the final tryout the travel team selections will be posted on the PYSA website. Each player will be contacted to see if they would like to accept a position on the team or decline the position electing to stay with their recreational team (normal process based on geography/last coach played for etc.). The choice is with each player/family. All boys/girls interested are encouraged to tryout and if they choose not to tryout or decline the position they will still be placed on a team for the Fall 2014 season.

Eligible age group for the U12 division: Beginning Birthdate: 9/1/2002 and Ending Birthdate: 8/31/2004
Eligible age group for the U14 division: Beginning Birthdate: 9/1/2000 and Ending Birthdate: 8/31/2002

LOCATION            DATES         TIMES

Forges Field #1            6/17                   5-6PM U12 Boys
Forges Field #2            6/17                   5-6PM U12 Girls
Forges Field #1            6/18                   5-6PM U12 Boys
Forges Field #2            6/18                   5-6PM U12 Girls

LOCATION            DATES         TIMES

Forges Field #1            6/17                  6:15PM to 7:15PM U14 Boys
Forges Field #2            6/17                  6:15PM to 7:15PM U14 Girls
Forges Field #1            6/18                  6:15PM to 7:15PM U14 Boys
Forges Field #2            6/18                  6:15PM to 7:15PM U14 Girls


  • IMPORTANT – to be eligible to tryout each player must be registered and paid with PYSA prior to tryouts.  After the player is registered please complete the tryout registration form below.


Boys & Girls - Tryout Pre-Registration Form

Each player should bring a passport size photo with the player name and date of birth on the back, a soccer ball, and a water bottle. Please wear a white shirt to tryouts.
All Players are encouraged to attend both tryout events

Players First Name: *
Players Last Name: *     
Date of Birth:
U12 or U14:
Gender: *
Parent/Guardian Full Name: *
Address Street: *
City: *
Zip Code: * (5 digits)
Daytime Phone: *
Evening Phone: *
Email: *

Each player should bring a soccer ball and a water bottle. Please wear a white shirt to the tryouts. Players are encouraged to attend both days of tryouts.

The goal of this travel program is to build a competitive Division 1 program that is tryout based and presents players with another level of training and competition while staying true to PYSA's core mission "...to assist and foster the development of soccer and to promote sportsmanship and goodwill among its members. It is based on the premise that all children and young adults within the town shall be given the opportunity to play soccer regardless of: sex, creed, religion, economic factors, national origin or ability.

Thank you,