Plymouth Youth
Soccer Association

PYSA In-house Field Information

Please observe the use of PYSA fields as some are designated as "Soccer Game Only" fields while others are "Practice Only" fields.  We do this is accordance with the Town of Plymouth Recreation Department and School Department requirements.  PYSA also schedules games on these fields to limit over usage as well as scheduling practice times specific to our permits for their use.

We respect the property that we are permitted to use and want to ensure that we have good field conditions season after season and expect you to do the same.

  • It is very important to all Plymouth and Out of Town teams that you pick up any items which you have brought to the fields.  These items include water bottles, orange peels and any clothing.
  • If you witness another team leaving their trash behind PYSA requests that you politely speak to the coach about cleaning the area.
  • There are trash barrels at all fields located at the entrance and near the fields themselves.
  • Coaches, if you are found using a field without permission and you are putting another team off of the field during their scheduled practice time you will be spoken to.
  • Please go to the Practice Field Request Form and specify a day and time you need to practice.  Everything will be done to find a field to practice on.

Please abide by these simple requests and if you have any questions contact Maryann Ambers at

Plymouth Fields:

Forges Fields
Forges FieldsĀ Arial View
West Recreation Jr. and Sr. Fields
Elmer Raymond Field
West Elementary School Fields
West Elementary Field Layout for Fall 2010:
Bottom of ramp near gate Field #1
Field nearest shed Field #3
Filed nearest baseball field #2


Please check the specific town Soccer Website for their field locations by going to the links page.